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Item Unit Product Specifications
YHB2-150T YHB2-200T YHB2-250 YHB2-350T YHB2-500T
Nominal Force kN 1500 2000 2500 3500 5000
Max.Working Pressure Mpa 20 21 22 22 20
Master Cylinder Nominal Force kN 1000 1500 1750 2500 3000
Max.Stroke of Ram mm 550 550 600 650 750
Daylight (Max.Open Height) mm 850 900 1000 1100 1300
Lower Cylinder Nominal Force kN 500 500 750 1000 2000
Stroke of Lower Cylinder mm 250 250 250 300 350
Upper Ejection Cylinder Force kN 30 30 30 50 50
Stroke of Upper Ejection Cylinder mm 230 230 230 280 320
Speed of Ram Down No Load mm/s 350 380 320 380 290
Pressing mm/s 2~40 2~40 2~40 2~40 2~40
Return mm/s 340 360 320 300 290
Effective Area of Working Table RL(Inside Column) mm 620 700 800 950 1200
FB(Edge) mm 750 850 900 1100 1400
Overall Dimension L.R mm 1940 2140 1650 2430 2780
F.B mm 1380 1820 1890 2000 2400
H mm 3250 3440 3890 4250 4750
The Distance Between the Working Table and the Ground mm 1120 1120 1300 1340 1700
Servo Motor Power kW 16.4 24.5 24.5 31 49.6
Total Weight(Approx) Ton 5.1 6.3 9.2 11 20.9
Oil Quantity(Approx) L 500 650 700 800 900

To cater to the variegated demands of our valued patrons, Dongguan Yihui  engaged in manufacturing and exporting Powder Compacting Press.The machine is with PLC and with touch screen and with servo motor , with main cylinder and lower cylinder and and cushion cylinder and ejection cylinder.  Offered press consumes very less energy and its very easy to use. Offered Powder Compacting Press can be availed from us, at most affordable prices.

Applications of Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press are:

l Producing the Powder Metallurgy Parts.

l Producing the cosmetic ,pharmaceutical industries parts

l Producing the Iron-Base & Non-Ferrous- Base Sintered Structural Parts

l Producing the Ceramic & Cermet Parts

l Producing the Carbon & Carbide Parts

l Producing the Magnetic & Self – Lubricating Parts

l Producing the Stainless & Alloy Parts

l Producing parts for Automobile & Machines

l Producing parts for Aircraft & Aerospace

l Producing parts for Atomic Reactors

Product Features:

l Easy installation

l No maintaining cost

l Flawless performance

l Longer working life


l With movable intermediate plate.

l With automatic feeding shoes.

l Full automatically



Advantages of our machine:

With Servo system

YIHUI Hydraulic press with servo system,can bring you 10 kinds Advantages as below:

1. Can avoid the oil leakage. Because using Servo motor, the oil temperature can be lower.

2. English and customer country local language, bilingual operation interface, easy to operate.

3.Can save 50% – 70% electricity energy.

4.Parameters and Speed can be adjusted on the touch screen, easy to operate.(Machine without servo system, speed can not been adjusted.)

5.Can be 3 to 5 years longer service life than the common machine.

it means,if common machine can service for 10 years, then machine with servo, can use 15 years.

6.Ensure safety and easy to know error,easy to do after service. Because of Automatic alarm and auto troubleshooting system. 

7.Very easy to change mold, shorter time of changing mold.

Because it have memory function,if use the original mold, do not need to adjust parameter again,

8.Very quiet , do not have noise.

9.Much stable than common machine.

10.Much high precision than common machine.

We could supply not only custom machine,molds,robot arm(manipulator),auto feeder process technology, and other relative machines but also a full production line service.

The main components are imported from Japan and Taiwan . So the quality is near the Japan production, but the unit price is lower than  Japan production.

Our factory have specialized in independent development and producing hydraulic press for over 20 years. So the product is stable and high quality.

Machine body, we use bending structure , much stronger than the common welding structure .

Oil pipe, we use Clip-on structure , much tight than common welding structure. Prevent oil leakage.

We take integrated oil manifold block, much easier to check machine and repair machine.

Quality Control

All of the hydraulic presses in our factory have passed CE,ISO,SGS,BV certificates.

Technical Features

  1. Four columns are made of high-strength quality round steel with surface hardened via high-frequency treatment, and electroplated after grinding. Good abrasion resistance is guaranteed.
  2. Production efficiency is high with fast falling speed of the moving bolster.

Pressure, stroke and pressurizing time can be adjusted according to processing requirement.

Designed with PLC programming circuit and touch panel operating system. Easy and convenient to operate.

Optional configuration: protective shielf, LED lighting and infrared grating, etc.

Applicable Scope

  1. Hydro forming for kettle, tableware, silencing pipe, decorative tube, special-shaped tee and special-shaped curved surface, etc.
  2. Applied to shallow stretching, molding, punching, shaping and other pressing process for metal and nonmetal parts.


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