【YIHUI】Argentine customer 500 ton cold forging press shipment

【YIHUI】Argentine customer 500 ton cold forging press shipment

   Today, the 500 ton cold extrusion press has been shipped from an Argentine customer. This is our old customer who has been cooperating with us for 5 years

and trusts us very much.

   Why do customers keep returning orders to us? There are several reasons: 1. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of our machines. Cold extrusion is our

main product, so in terms of quality and technology, they are very mature. 2. Docking with customers has always been our same sales manager, and the customer

and our sales manager are all friends. 3. Our prices are relatively favorable while ensuring quality and after-sales service, so customers always choose us. 4. Our

after-sales service is very good, we are online 24 hours, customers can find us at any time.

   If you want to buy hydraulic press and mold, or automate the whole line, please contact us WhatsApp: +8613925853679