1500 ton hot forging press

        I am very happy that our 1500 ton hot forging machine and 800 ton hot forging machine have successfully tested the mold, and we are ready to ship next week!

 Dedicated to the hydraulic press industry for more than 20 years, we have begun to receive a lot of large tonnage machines, especially forging presses, including

1000 ton cold extrusion, 1500 ton hot forging machines, and 2000 ton hot forging machines. We will encounter larger ones in the future. Tonnage machines can

also providecustomers with solutions, 3000 ton forging presses, 5000 ton forging presses. Now the customers we are facing do not know that they need machines

and molds, whichare basically the entire line, and our successful experience tells us, We can do it!

     We may be new in the application of this kind of product. But we are experienced in custom-made. Together with the strengths of being maturely developed in

servocontrol system, we are now singling out among our peers in manufacturing hydraulic press.

    If you have hydraulic press requirements, please contact WhatsApp +8613925853679, thank you!