2021 Chinese National Day

2021 Chinese National Day

       Dear customer, on National Day, our company will have a 3-day holiday (from October 1st to October 3rd, 2021)
, Because we are moving to a new factory recently, and many machines are going to be shipped in the near future, and many new orders are waiting for

production. Our overseas sales department is always online to solve your problems during the holidays, please feel free to contact me. (+86 139 2585

3679 / yh01@yhhydraulic.com / http://www.yhhydraulic.com/)

      In the near future, there are 1500ton hot forging machines from Armenia customers, two 500ton stretching machines from Oman, and three 800ton cold

extrusion machines from German customers.

Cold forging presses, deep drawing presses, powder pressing presses, and hot forging presses have always been the most popular models in Yihui factory

In the past few months. In addition to those, C-frame hydraulic presses and powder presses reflect an increasing rate. We also

Can be customized according to your needs.


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