Yihui Servo Press

Yihui Servo Press

        Yihui servo press adopts high-precision displacement sensor to detect, mechanical limit, servo adjustment limit distance, high repeat positioning accuracy, up to ±0.01mm. Compared with the traditional similar hydraulic computer, the positioning is more accurate

     The use of proportional hydraulic system control can meet the speed and pressure change requirements of different processes, and the movement is more

stable. Keep the traditional hydraulic press operation mode. With mobile workbench, automatic feeding, to ensure the safety of the operators. The pressing

speed is fast, and the pressing cycle of a single product is 4-5 seconds.

    The operation of the machine is more humane, with a friendly human-machine interface, and the pressure, position, and speed can be set and adjusted

arbitrarily on the computer screen. Adopt closed-loop system control, pressure accuracy. In the fully automatic production mode, it can be used with automatic

production lines, which can shorten the production cycle by about 30% compared with traditional models

     Servo presses are widely used in the manufacturing fields of automobile engines, steering gears, axles, clutches, motors, water pumps, special equipment

mechanisms, and electronic component assembly. Gusijie servo presses are ideal processing equipment for industries such as automobiles, home appliances,

motors, aviation, electronics, and mechanical equipment.

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