YIHUI Servo riveting press

   YIHUI servo presses are electrically driven, environmentally friendly presses. Our servo-electric presses are ideal for precision assembly, press fitting, and

riveting. The electric servo press runs more quietly and cleanly than the conventional hydraulic press and pneumatic press. At the same time, the electric servo

press is 75~80% power consumption reduced.

  Servo-Electric Presses for Quiet, Energy Efficient, Fast, Precise & Accurate Operations. Assembly / Bending / Straightening / Riveting / Joining / Crimping /


  YIHUI of c-frame and 4-post servo-electric presses offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional hydraulic systems while maintaining the accuracy and

precision your application requires. With standard models ranging from 0.5 to 50 tons 

  If your press needs fall outside of our standard line, we also offer fully custom servo-electric presses up to 200 tons. You’ll not only get the intuitive controls

package that accompanies our YIHUI machines, but your bed size, tonnage, frame style, and more will be engineered to your exact specifications. Contact us for a

custom quote today!