Visit Indonesian customers

Last week, our CEO and sales manager Lily went to Indonesia to visit our customers who have already done business and those who intend to place orders this year. Among the Indonesian customers, we have a long-term customer and we want to go there this time. Take a look at the use of machines by our customers. We will solve some of the problems encountered accordingly.

In the past years of doing foreign trade, Indonesia has been a country with many of our customers. The machines sold by our Indonesian customers include cold forging press, hot forging press, powder compacting hydraulic press, heating hydraulic press, deep drawing hydraulic press.

The problem reported this time is that there is no problem with the powder machine, hot forging, and cold extrusion machine, but there are areas for improvement in the mold. I came back this time and discussed

The countries we will visit next include South Korea, Thailand and Russia. We will visit customers who have bought our machines and see how they are being used. If you have any questions, please contact WhatsApp +8613925853679, or if you are interested in buying them. of hydraulic presses, we can also provide you with the entire line to solve your problems.with our engineers about some subsequent improvement plans for our molds.